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Whatever your industry, over the past 10 years there has been a significant increase of focus and attention by regulators, shareholders and stakeholders on corporate governance. Directors and Officers of companies now have far greater exposure to personal financial liability.

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance can provide much needed protection for directors and officers against their liability as a result of unintentional or accidental wrongful acts they commit and for the costs they incur in attending investigations and defending litigation.

Finsura will assist in designing a package tailored to the risks of you and your fellow directors.

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Coverage May Include depending on the package chosen:

  • Directors and Officers Liability Coverage

  • Company Reimbursement Coverage

  • Entity Securities Coverage

  • Legal Representation Expenses Coverage

  • Outside Directorship Liability

Policy coverage features include:

  • World-wide coverage

  • Civil Fines and Pecuniary Penalty cover

  • Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate Manslaughter Cover

  • Pollution Cover

  • Prosecution and Reputation Protection Costs

  • Insured Person’s Tax Liability Cover

  • No Prior Knowledge Exclusion

  • Broad definition of Insured Person

  • Advancement of defence costs

  • Final adjudication language

  • Directors/officers retain duty to defend

  • No enforced settlement/senior counsel clause

  • No avoidance or rescission or misrepresentation or non-disclosure

Finsura Corporate Advantage

The Finsura Corporate team manages broking the risk, risk management, enquiries and claims. This means that you receive personal and knowledgeable service on each account. Each team member has, on average, fifteen years experience in servicing Australia’s largest and most diverse industries. We understand that getting the right program is vital to your firms stability and success.

Your company will find that a Directors’ and Officers’ Liability policy from Finsura is affordable and tailored to your needs. We have proven expertise in the handling and settling Directors’ and Officers’ claims.

Target Risks

Unlimited but including:

Automotive Parts including critical components

Agricultural machinery manufacturer, importer and exporters

Defence machinery, protective equipment and weaponry

Diagnostic equipment manufacturing, importer and exporters

Food Manufacturers

Tyres importer, wholesaler, exporter and sales

Tyre retreading, repairing and lugging

Rolling stock and engine manufacturing

Waste Collection, disposal and recycling

Robotic automation devices

Safety Equipment manufacturers importers and exporters

Medical Equipment manufacturers importers and exporters

Aircraft and component manufacturing

Aluminium, copper, silver, lead and zinc smelting, extrusion and rolling

Die casting

Iron and steel casting, forging and smelting

Metal manufacturing, coating and finishing

4-5 Star hotels and resorts

Nursing homes

Retirement villages