Public & Products Liability

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Public & Products Liability

Ability to Offer Errors & Omissions Extension

Small, Medium and large technical risks. 

No limit on amount of turnover

Capacity limit as required


Finsura Corporate Advantage



Occurrence & Claims Made Wordings Available

Tailored Cover

Expert Experienced Advice

Diverse Target Occupations

Almost Unlimited Capacity

Personalised Service

Local & Global Insurers

Experienced Claims Management

Target Risks




















Unlimited but including:

Automotive Parts including critical components

Agricultural machinery manufacturer, importer and exporters

Defence machinery, protective equipment and weaponry

Diagnostic equipment manufacturing, importer and exporters

Food Manufacturers

Tyres importer, wholesaler, exporter and sales

Tyre retreading, repairing and lugging

Railway maintenance, signal work and line work

Railway Locomotive maintenance and repair

Rolling stock and engine manufacturing

Rail operators

Mining exploration contractors

Mining drilling contractors


Mine Blasting Contractors

Waste Collection, disposal and recycling

Robotic automation devices

Safety Equipment manufacturers importers and exporters

Medical Equipment manufacturers importers and exporters

Clinic trials and studies

100% exports to North America