Tech Start Up Insurance

Finsura Corporate are working with Tech Start Ups across Australia to arrange insurances suitable to their needs. Previously finding insurance for new ideas and technologies was a very difficult task. We at Finsura have recognized the need for a specialist broker with a keen interest and experience in the tech industry to put forward the business cases on behalf of tech start ups to enable the right covers and competitive premiums to be achieved. We are working with global insurers to design leading packages tailored to Tech Start Up businesses. We can insure 1 person business start ups to operations with plenty (millions) of venture capital behind them.

Contact Tech expert Daniel Laws to discuss how we can assist insuring your company.

 Ph: 02 8602 6222 or request a call back online below.

Target Market:

Digital Solutions & Services

AP Sales

Cloud Software

Service Sharing: Cars, Accommodation etc

Business Directories or rate a service style websites

Online Advice Services

Social Networks


Tech Gadgets and Inventions


Online Retailing

Dating Websites

Crowd Funding

“Find a” something website services

Tech Start Up Insurance Policy Options

Cyber Insurance

Professional Indemnity

Public Liability

Products Liability

Breach of Privacy

Copyright & I.P Infringement

Libel & Slander

Publishing Liability

Directors & Officers Insurance

I.T Insurance Package

Office Insurance

Workers Compensation

USA exposures

Contractual Liabilities

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