Finsura Corporate Insurance Brokers has the capability and experience to provide the right products to insure the new and emerging risks of your technology industry. The tech team is headed up by leading technology insurance broker Geoff Doyle who with 15 years experience in tech insurance has seen the evolution of risk profiles inline with the diversification of tech work and services.

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Target Risks

IT Project Management


Web Design

System Integration

Software Development

Network Developers

Software Reselling

Telecommunication Services

Data Processing

Data Warehousing

Software Maintenance

LAN & WAN Providers

System Analysis

Hardware Maintenance

Installation and/or repair

IT Recruitment Consultants

E-Commerce Development

Application Service Provider


 IT Security Systems

Software Maintenance

Key Areas of Risk

I.T policies are products designed by insurers specifically for contractors, consultants and enterprises working in the technology industries. The policies have additional benefits and wordings that normal P.I polices won’t include and they bundle public and products liability with professional indemnity. When choosing insurance be aware every policy is different You may not realise it but the work you do in I.T and the insurance products that are designed for your industry are some of the more complicated insurance policies available.

Errors & Omissions

Public and products liability


Fraud & Dishonesty of Employees;

Damage and Destruction of Data and Documents;

Continuous Cover

Contractors deemed Named Insureds;

Breaches of the Trade Practices Act;

Mitigation of Loss;

Product Recall Expense;

Breach of Intellectual Property inc. Patent;

Court Attendance Costs;

Automatic Newly Acquired Entity or Subsidiary Cover;

Claims Mitigation Costs.

 Policy Coverage Options 

Professional Indemnity

Cyber Insurance

Public and Products Liability

Product Recall

Management Liability

Electronic Equipment