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Target Risks

Renewable and alternative energy producers that generate power using solar, wind, hydro, biogas, biofuels, and geothermal resources.

Manufacturers and service providers, especially component parts manufacturers or distributors supporting clean technologies, renewable energy producers, and clean transportation.

Software and hardware companies, including energy efficiency and Smart Grid.

Emerging companies, including those in R&D with a focus on biorenewables.

Industry Risk Profile

Contractual Liabilities

Cross Liability

Failure to Supply

Electromagnetic Fields

Errors & Omissions

Workers Compensation

Advertising Liability

Product Recall Expense


Policy Coverage Options

Industrial Special Risk  or Property Insurance

Contractual Liability

Professional Indemnity incl Errors & Omission causing financial loss, intellectual property infringement liability, media liability, privacy liability and privacy remediation expense.

Public & Products Liability

Management Liability incl D & O

Marine Transit Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Tax Audit

Machinery Breakdown

Motor Fleet

Workers Compensation Management

Product Recall